Monday, August 23, 2010

Grand Opening to Help Orphans in Africa

A Child's Hope Int'l, is pleased to announce the Grand Opening of the Kids Against Hunger "Factory" in their New Location in Milford, OH. on Saturday, Sept 25, 2010 from 9 AM to 3 PM.

Given the lack of life saving food for orphans in many parts of Africa, the Kids Against Hunger Grand Opening at their new Milford location will launch their Fall 2010 campaign to help feed starving children in the tiny African country of Swaziland.

Everyone is encouraged to sign up NOW for their packing session by Registering Online. Come and be a part of an amazing experience that will literally save the lives of desperately hungry children.

A maximum of 250 people per session will be allowed on a first come, first serve basis. More details about this family friendly program can be found online at Kids Against Hunger.

For this one-time grand opening event, no minimum donations are required- just give what you can to help feed children at risk. The goal for this Grand Opening event is at least 100,000 meals. The 18 lines of production will fill quickly so register early by Registering Online for Sat, Sept 25.

Even if you cannot stay for the packing session on Sept 25, come and see how this 'elegantly simple" process works and why over 10,000 volunteers have already been to the "Factory". In just 2 years of operation, over 3.5 million meals have been packaged by people from 3 to 83 working together to Heal the World of painful hunger.

Learn more about the orphans of Swaziland on our Grand Opening page.

A Child's Hope International and the Kids Against Hunger "Factory" have been actively involved in feeding children throughout Ohio, Appalachia, Haiti, Central America and various countries within Africa. They were featured in a special article called Reaching Out to Haiti in the Sunday edition of the Cincinnati Enquirer on March 21, 2010

Please email your questions or offer to help to

Thank you.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Update on recent shipments

While many are getting the new factory ready, your Cincinnati KAH team was also busy last week making shipments:

On Monday a ship container left Cincinnati with 235,224 meals and 6 pallets of relief supplies going to Children's Intl Lifeline - Haiti.

On Tuesday a ship container left Cincinnati with 277,992 meals and 2 pallets of relief supplies going to Children's Cup Swaziland.

On Friday a ship container left Cincinnati with 242,352 meals and 7 pallets of relief supplies going to Children's Intl Lifeline - Haiti.

While each of these shipments is consigned to just one organization, they are being shared by many partners in Haiti and Swaziland. We also need to thank Dan, Don, and Mike who all helped in the loading of these ship containers. This is an interesting task - sometimes like a jigsaw puzzle trying to get everything to fit!!

KAH Cincinnati shipped a total of 775,568 meals last week!

One other important point, with these three shipments we have now shipped more meals (3,547,368) than we have produced (3,540,240). This is because other KAH organizations in this area sometimes have no way to ship the material they produce in smaller packs and they donate those meals to KAH Cincinnati.

We also need to thank Bill Mead for being the "go to" person for Ethicon. The Ethicon team of some 25 packed our whole Blue Ash factory in a little over 5 hours, what a blessing. This will make our move from Blue Ash much easier - Thank you Bill!