Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fund Raising ideas

As many of you already know, KAH-Cincinnati runs entirely on donations by amazing people like you. None of the ingredients are supplied by the government, donated by stores, neither are they discontinued or defective. All of the food is high quality, fresh and purchased at prevailing market rates.

Just as critical as the time you donate to help pack these life saving meals, so are the financial donations we use to purchase the ingredients for these meals. The financial donations are also used to ship these meals around the world.....and around the corner.

KAH-Cincinnati along with A Child's Hope International is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable corporation recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. As such, all donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

There are many ways that funds can be raised and here are some ideas to get you started. Can you think of others? Let us know by leaving a comment! The best idea of each month gets a free Kids Against Hunger tee shirt! To win the monthly contest, please leave your suggestion with as many details from your personal fund raising experience in the comment section at the bottom of this post. Please include your email address so we can contact you if you win! For examples of how other groups have help raise donations for KAH-Cincinnati, please visit here.

1. Get the small Kids Against Hunger boxes for use in school classrooms, laundry rooms at home, etc. They are only $1 each. Show your family, friends and neighbors and ask if they will help feed a child.
* One box filled with coins can feed over 400 children!

2. Keep one of the larger KAH boxes in your church or office with a small sign and encourage people to make frequent deposits when they see it; when they collect $54 in a box send us a check and start all over.
* One box of food will feed 216 children – and it is only $54.
* Keep a count of the boxes at the display so people know that they are making a difference

3. Sell items that are not needed in your home – make room for other things!
* Sell on ebay, Craigslist or a local consignment store and ask them for help after you share the KAH story with them
* Need help with selling on ebay – let us know!

4. Have your sports teams get involved
* Ask your Upward Bound basketball team to collect 25¢ for each rebound that their team catches or 25¢ for every base hit in Little League, for every blocked soccer goal, etc...

5. Submit an application to your Mission Committee at church for support to KAH
* Bring your missions pastor to the "Factory" to see what happens and why this is such a great program for people of all ages – family friendly ministry

6. Apply for matching funds at your place of employment – specify A Child's Hope International (a 501c3 company) as the recipient of your gift and of your employer
* Ask your employer for a company day (i.e. Live United) and come to the "Factory" having raised funds in the office

7. Collect unwanted gold jewelry and bring it to the "Factory"
* We will collect and sell as part of the Melt Down for Kids Campaign

8. Get some people together for “Sack It”
* Each person pays for one 50 pound sack of rice (an important ingredient in what we pack) on the day they pack – they buy it at the door and take it to their packing lines for processing
* Set up a really cool “Sack It” display in the church lobby or office – have sacks of rice with signs and a table for people to sack it for just $20 – they are buying rice for your team to pack

9. Start by sponsor a child for $10 a month
* that is what costs to feed one child with this program

10. Have your church VBS program support Kids Against Hunger – the theme is Kids Helping Kids
* We have great promotional material for you to use.

11. Ask Child Sunday School classes to conduct a 25¢ drive to help hungry kids
* then ask the adults in the church to match 4:1 – for every 25¢ the kids raise, the adults pay $1

12. Encourage everyone you know to use Goodsearch instead of Google on the Internet
o See for details

13. Have a Kids Against Hunger party at your home sharing the needs of children and then asking for ideas on how your guests can help – many will ask what does it cost?
o Show them the Sam & Esther video on our DVD or web site and then ask them to help

14. Show pictures of children, tell your friends that we can feed that child for $10/month - can they commit to doing that?
o give them a KAH magnet for their refrigerator

15. Host a family fun night, inviting the families to donate to KAH the amount they would have spent taking their family out to dinner. Some might give the “fast food” amount and others the “sit-down dinner” amount
o Have some KAH displays around, show them the Sam & Esther video

16. Have a huge yard sale with others in your neighborhood, office or church and tell people that all proceeds go to helping starving children
o people who stop by and hear why you are doing this (HAVE BIG SIGNS) will give and not negotiate the price

17. Ask the local pizza store to donate 25¢ for each pizza sold – promote their business and see what happens
o Place a sign and poster in their store

18. Ask the local grocery store if you can help bring grocery baskets to the cars of people when they leave the store
o People will ask why you are doing this service, give them a flyer on KAH and tell them you want to help starving kids who never see grocery baskets
o BUT do not ask for money

19. Offer to walk your neighborhood dogs
o Tell your neighbors why you want to help hungry kids and see what happens

20. Have a Kids Against Hunger birthday party
o Instead of gifts ask your guests to bring a donation for a hungry child
o Instead of spending money for gifts for unneeded items, buy a box of food in someone’s name for Mothers Day, Christmas, Graduation, etc

21. Have a KAH tee shirt party before you come
o Have everyone pre-order and purchase their KAH shirts and wear them so others ask what that means

22. Have a KAH Bike Swap: For anywhere from $5 to $50, bring your bikes to sell at a special KAH location. If you want us to sell it for you, pay us just $5

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