Friday, June 26, 2009

Are You Comfortable?

From Kids Against Hunger - Cincinnati's founder and Executive Director, Larry Bergeron.....

The heat of summer is here. Your A/C is on, cool drinks are stocked up and all kinds of food is available.

Now imagine being a 5 year old child in sub-Saharan Africa or Haiti or India. It is 100˚, there is no water to drink and your last meal was 3 days ago. In many cases, to make the suffering worse, your parents are gone. Bad summer movie? Boring summer TV re-run? Hardly. It is a never ending horror show.

30,000 children will die today all over the world from hunger. Requests for help from our Kids Against Hunger Factory are rising weekly.

We do not see this kind of suffering in America. Many would say we are blessed. We are. And with the blessings come responsibility.

Together we can help alleviate suffering this summer. You can Volunteer at the Kids Against Hunger Factory and you can Donate Now online.

None of the Kids Against Hunger food ingredients are donated, discontinued, defective or distributed by an economic stimulus bill.

Did you know that we can feed a hungry child for just 25¢ a meal, only $10 a month – just $125 a year?

Ask your church to help with a special offering or a donation from the mission or compassion budget.

You can be a blessing.

Will you? Sam & Esther are waiting.

Larry Bergeron
A Child's Hope International
Liberty Township, OH 45044

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