Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nov 20 update

The volunteers last Saturday did a super job and manufactured a total of 78,408 meals (11 pallets). A special thank you to the teams from Texas Roadhouse and Mason schools who were both at the factory packing food last Saturday. The funds they raised will greatly assist our effort to feed the hungry!

The production on 11/20 pushed our total production to date to 4,312,008 meals.

November has also been an active month for shipments. We shipped locally to Shared Harvest in Fairfield and the Freestore Food Bank.

Internationally, KAH Cincinnati made shipments as follows:
11/11/10 – Swaziland (shipment to our several partners) – 285,120 meals
11/22/10 – Swaziland (Nazarene Ministries) – 285,120 meals
11/23/10 – Nicaragua – 285,120 meals
KAH Cincinnati shipped a total of almost 900,000 meals in November. We need to thank Don Tedrick and Ron Whitmer for their assistance in helping to get these shipments out the door.

Because we sometimes get donations from other KAH locations that don’t have the ability to ship what they produce, our total shipments now exceed our production, KAH Cincinnati has now shipped a total of 4,444,200 meals.

Everyone from KAH Cincinnati wishes you a blessed Thanksgiving.
Thank you for all your support.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nov 6, 2010 Update

The pack last Saturday at Messiah Lutheran Church went very well and the three teams packed a total of 61,992 meals. We need to thank everyone who volunteered and were a part of this effort.

To learn more about remote packs, please visit: KAH Packing At Your Place.

The production of 61,992 meals on November 6th pushed our total production to 4,233,600 meals!! We also have made several shipments over the last 10 days totaling 32,832 meals, all going to local organizations (Reach Out Lakota, Shared Harvest and the Free store Food Bank).

This morning we expect to load our next large shipment, a ship container with 285,120 meals headed for Swaziland.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Thank you Abby!

Below is a picture of our friend Abby with her mom and brother. Not only did they help pack life saving meals on October 23, but Abby took the initiaive to help raise money to pay for the supplies!

Abby raised over $100 with a bake sale and then raised the rest by talking to people at different businesses in her local community as well as asking for donations at the local Kroger!

Thank you Abby!!!!

In the words of our executive director, Larry Bergeron:
I met Abby, her Mom and brother this past Sat. What an inspiring person! She handed me a peanut butter jar with $220.25 in it. I believe that she stood at Kroger's asking for help outside. Pretty inspiring young lady!!