Thursday, September 24, 2009

Did you pack this box that ended up in Swaziland?

Another email & picture from Swaziland just came in this morning.

In Bheventi, the winter season is just now ending. When Kids Against Hunger - Cincinnati's Larry Bergeron last visited, the Bheventi care point had 85 children, which was approx 12 km from the main road with no water and animals roaming free through the camp.

KAH - Cincinnati and A Child's Hope International has just been approved to send anti-parasite medicine to the area. Hopefully, these pills will go out with our next shipment. The children suffer greatly from parasites and worms that infest their bodies. Since most of the kids don't have shoes, their feet get cuts very easily and the worms enter their bodies. It is our hope to also provide a fresh water well to the area (approx $5,000).
Dear Larry

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to take some boxes of food to a new carepoint (not too far from Bheveni) who have asked us for help. This would not have been possible without the boxes of food you and your helpers packed and sent us. So thank you so much for it. I thought so much of you; I actually wished you were there at that carepoint with me to see those kids, hear some of their sad stories, and see the thankfulness in the eyes of the women who have taken the job of feeding those kids on their shoulders.

Attached is a picture of the ladies holding one of the boxes.

Blessings and love,


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