Friday, November 6, 2009

Search Institute / YMCA Conference

Last night, KAH-Cincinnati in collaboration with the Search Institute & the YMCA helped 140 youth pack 41,904 in only 2 hours!! We had 14 lines running at one time...a big step up from our normal 4 lines at one time. Everyone did a great job, thank you to Duke Energy, Search Institute, the YMCA, and all the youth from around the country who packed the food.

One group there last night purchased 26 black tee shirts for their team – they were that excited. In fact, their leader asked if they could go home (to CA), raise funds and send the money needed for a pallet for Africa!! How cool is that? Many of the youth didn't want to leave and even stuck around until we were completely out of ingredients. Everyone chipped in and it was a great example of teamwork.

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