Monday, January 18, 2010


We had to share this story from a great group of awesome young women in Lebanon that volunteered on Saturday Jan 9th:
Hello, my name is Peggy Hoffman. I am the gymnastics director and head coach at the Countryside YMCA in Lebanon Ohio. Kristy Meilstrup brought me the idea of having our girls go and help serve at Kids against Hunger. She also said it would be good to make a donation to the group. So I thought we would try a Cartwheel A Thon so the kids can raise the support. I gave them a letter about Kids Against Hunger and a form that they could use for their family and friends to pledge so much per cartwheel. It takes 500 cartwheels to make a mile. So each girl was trying to do 500 cartwheels a piece and they did! We had 12 girls doing cartwheels and had 2 more girls that helped raise money but could not do the cartwheels. They raised a total of $837.00! They did 6,000 cartwheels all together. We had a pizza party for them after they finished. They really enjoyed doing the cartwheel a thon and knowing they where helping to feed children. They had a great time packaging the food. I had them stand up in front of the other girls to tell about their experience and they all said they had fun and liked putting the food into the bags but the best thing was feeling they were able to make a difference in a child’s life. The story that they heard from the speaker really touched their hearts. They would like to come back and package food again. Thanks for doing this mission. You are touching so many lives not only the children you are feeding but also the people that get to come and help you fill your mission.
Thank you to everyone at the Countryside YMCA gymnastics team!!

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