Monday, May 24, 2010

A thank you letter from Honduras

In case the letter is difficult to read, it states:

Dear Larry,

On behalf of Shoulder to Shoulder and the poor in Honduras, I would like to sincerely thank you for your donation of 6 palates of food. We recently tested the blood of several hundred children in our service area and found 80% to be malnourished. This is far and above the public figures that make the situation in rural Honduras seem not so dire. This problem in the young kids makes for permanent disability because the lack of brain development caused by malnutrition is something that cannot be recovered in later years. With the cost of food climbing all over the world in the last year, this situation is becoming even more severe for those that do not have the resources to help themselves. Thanks to you and your organization, the food that you have donated helps the children in their critical, formative years. You are making a lasting improvement in those that need it the most.

I have attached some examples of the people you are are helping.

Arthur J Ranz D.D.S.
COO Shoulder to Shoulder
Intibuca, Honduras

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