Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hope for Christmas

Rather than grow weary trekking through malls, stores and spending hours perusing online catalogs, please consider giving a gift that will save the lives of many children this Christmas. And it is easy!

* Identify family, friends, neighbors and co-workers that you would like to donate a box of Kids Against Hunger food in their name

* Send them a Christmas card letting them know that you have sent a financial gift in their name to A Child's Hope International, Inc so that we may send life saving food to 216 children.

* Ask them to consider doing the same for you and others on their shopping list

* Send $54 for each box of donated food to the address shown below. You will receive a statement of your tax deductible gift from us.

* Here is the special part: send us their name and address and we will send them a replica of a KAH box with our thanks as well!

For more information and a special new video, please visit here.

Thank you and have a great Thanksgiving!

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