Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The last 3 weeks....

KAH - Cincinnati is approaching 1 million meals. With all of your help, since last April, we have now packed 979,510 meals!

"The factory" has been pushed to it's limits on a couple of occasions over the last three weeks with packing sessions of 70-80 people. We are very thankful for everyone's selfless attitude to feed these hungry children. We still are in need of a dedicated location that we can use for our packing sessions. With a dedicated location, we will be able to host more regular and bigger packing sessions. Along with a location, we are looking for more people who would be willing to serve as a shift leader. The only requirements are that you have visited our packing sessions a couple of times and that you have a heart to serve. We don't take any of our volunteer packers or shift leaders for granted and appreciate you all! Thank you so much.

More food has been shipped out! For the first time, on Feb 23, we were able to send 216 meals to starving children in El Salvador. We hope to send even more soon.

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