Monday, February 2, 2009


KAH Cincinnati is having a fundraiser that you can help out with just by eating!

There is no extra cost to a matter of fact, you'll get an extra discount on your order and part of the cost will be donated to the ministry. Please check out the flyer below and consider eating pizza between now and Wednesday.

Obviously, not every Cincinnati / Northern KY area store is included in this event. But, with this being our first time doing this, if we get a good enough turn out, we might get access to more stores next time!

If you don't live in the delivery area of the 16 participating stores you can still help! Assuming you work (or for whatever reason you are in the area of a participating store) call and make a carry out order and take it home.

For example: I live in Fairfield and the Fairfield location is not participating, but I work in West Chester. Before leaving the office at the end of the day, I'll call the West Chester location (which is one of our 16 participating stores) and place a carry out order (I'll make sure to mention Kids Against Hunger when I place the order). I'll pick up the carry out order (from the West Chester location) and take it home to eat.

It's very important to mention Kids Against Hunger when you order, or we will not get a donation.

Thank you very much!

From Kids Against Hunger

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