Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fashion Fundraiser Helps Feed Haiti

Fashion Fundraiser Helps Feed Haiti

Reported by: Larry Shields
Photographed By: Phyliss Ho
Photographed By: Larry Shields

NEWPORT, Ky -- High fashion helped feed hungry children all over the world this Saturday at The Syndicate.

The fundraiser, "Catwalk For Haiti," brought a slice of California culture to the Commonwealth.

Cincinnati native Jonathan Chia organized the event with his business partner Ashley Covarrubias. Their Los Angles companies Production Runway and Chia Media produced the event.

"A lot of people in Cincinnati have never been to a fashion show, so they really don't know what they get from their money," said Chia.

Each $20 ticket went directly to the Cincinnati charity "Kids Against Hunger," a program at Liberty Township-based, "A Child's Hope International."

"They send over rice, so two hours of your time, packaging the rice will feed someone for a whole year," Covarrubias explained. "So, by donating money and our time, hopefully we can feed a couple 100,000 people."

Chia says he got the idea for the show because he served as a solider with someone from Haiti.

"That kinda inspired me and Ashley to go out and do what we do -- which is fashion shows, but aim it a little bit towards helping out -- giving back to the community," said Chia.

The article and video can be found online here.

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