Monday, March 8, 2010

Larry's trip to Haiti - Feb 2010

From ACHI/KAH Cincinnati's Executive Director, Larry Bergeron:

Dear Friend,

I just returned from a lengthy trip to various parts of Haiti to see first hand the destruction, the needs and how YOU have made a life saving difference in the lives of many children. We were able to serve Kids Against Hunger food that you provided through your donations or that you packed at the "Factory". Thank you!

The magnitude of the destruction is beyond what you can imagine. Although I expected to see a fleet of ships bringing food and supplies to the ports, there were only a few ships. Although I expected to see many cargo planes circling the airport to land, there were only a few planes.

Estimates say that it will take 1000 very large trucks, working 24 hours/day for 3 years to remove the broken concrete. Those trucks are not there. As such, one collapsed building after another remain as tombs for countless thousands of people.

We stored boxes of food in a damaged school in a village which had not received any food or water supplies since the earthquake. The Haitian Government reports that 48% of the children in this region die from the effects of severe malnutrition. And this was before the earthquake. All over this small country, acute hunger is becoming more of a nightmare than ever before.

Although the press and the media have moved on to cover other stories, please know that the crisis continues.

Here is how you can help:

  1. Stop by any Fifth Third Bank and make a teller donation. Instruct them to deposit your tax deductible gift to A Child's Hope Int'l. All Fifth Third branch offices are prepared to help you. Send us an email of your gift amount and we will reply with a tax deductible receipt.
  2. Give online TODAY through our secure web site service with electronic checks or credit cards at DonateNow
  3. Click on Haiti Quake Relief for more information

Please email your questions about packing schedules and opportunities to our Volunteer Coordinator.
More than ever before, the children of Haiti need help and hope for the future

Pictures of Larry Bergeron's trip to Haiti can be found on KAH Cincinnati's facebook profile here.

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