Monday, March 15, 2010

Young people can make a difference

Inspired by our last blog post, I thought I would post a handful of pictures of more young people who are making a difference. Each of the photos above display young men and women, who on their own initiative, decided to raise money for Kids Against Hunger - Cincinnati. Each of them filled a collection box and gave 100% of the collection to KAH! Some of them shoveled snow for donations while some simply went door to door telling neighbors about KAH's mission, but bottom line, they all made a difference. They made a difference by providing the funds to feed starving children and are a great example for the rest of us. They have proved that you aren't too young to help...and likewise, you aren't too old to help, you aren't too busy to help, you aren't too tired to help, you aren't too "______" (you fill in the blanks) to help. We can all do something to make a difference.

Thank you again to the three examples above!

If you are familiar with who these three are, please comment below and tell us more about them! We'd love to hear more about their story of how they collected the donations.


  1. Jake-the young man in the green hat with Larry--decided to make a difference by walking in the bitter cold to invite neighbors to help feed the people of Haiti! We are blessed to count him as a zanmi! ("friend" in Kreyol). Cool note: "friend" and "family" only change one letter in Kreyol ("zanmi" & "fanmi")

  2. Davis is the young man in the white shirt with Larry. He volunteered for a food pack in October with his Leadership Group,under the direction of Melissa Reisinger at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy. He was so touched by Kids Against Hunger that he wanted to make a difference by feeding 1 child for 1 year.... so he took a KAH box around at Halloween and "Trick Or Treated" for donations. He also shoveled snow and donated some of his Christmas money to achieve this goal. His love for KAH has been infectious. He brought his whole family back for a Haiti Food Packing....where they all fell in love with KAH and have found their own ways to contribute. The same CHCA leadership group, that first brought Davis to KAH has opened a student store at their school with the proceeds to be donated to KAH! How great to see God's work being done for children by children!